24v external plunger replacing synchro-start sa-4228 externally switched shutdown solenoid 090226

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Brand: hc-cargo

MPN: 090226

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Details and description

Voltage 24, Function Pull, Switch External, Plunger External, Thread type mm, Thread size 6.00, Elect. connection Multiplug, Voltage 2 24, Remarks This solenoid can´t switch off by itself, it will have to be controlled externally., A/pull 25, A/hold 0.5, Pull rating 111N at 25.4 mm, Hold rating 182N, Return spring 7N

Electrical specifications

Voltage 24

Voltage 2 24

A/pull 25

A/hold 0.5

Physical specifications

Function Pull

Switch External

Plunger External

Thread type mm

Thread size 6.00

Elect. connection Multiplug

Pull rating 111N at 25.4 mm

Hold rating 182N

Return spring 7N

Further information

Remarks This solenoid can´t switch off by itself, it will have to be controlled externally.






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