Battery isolator switch 24v 200 amp electromagnetic electrically switched positive switch 180603

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Brand: hc-cargo

MPN: 180603

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Details and description

Voltage 24, A/cont. 200, Amp (5 sek) 2500, Protection degree IP 65, Type Electromagnetic, Switch Positive, Diagram no. P8D3, Manufacturer Menbers

Electrical specifications

Voltage 24

A/cont. 200

Amp (5 sek) 2500

Physical specifications

Protection degree IP 65

Type Electromagnetic

Switch Positive

Diagram no. P8D3

Manufacturer Menbers


Industrial Vehicles, buses, tractors, fork lift trucks, lorries, agricultural machines and boats etc.

Electrical Battery Switch

Electrical Battery Isolator Switch

Electrical Battery Kill Switch

Electrical Battery Disconnect Switch

Electromagnetic Battery Switch

Electromagnetic Battery Isolator Switch

Electromagnetic Battery Kill Switch

Electromagnetic Battery Disconnect Switch

24v Battery Switch

24v Battery Isolator Switch

24v Electrical Battery Kill Switch

24v Battery Disconnect Switch

Information on the range of Electromagnetic Isolator Switches

These devices are designed to disconnect and protect the batteries and all the vehicles electrical circuits. Depending on the model, the isolation switches are able to disconnect either the negative, the positive or both sides of the battery. The models with seperate coil power supply can also be used to disconnect any other type of electrical circuit (e.g. marine applications). For serial or parallel connected batteries 250 amp. continued, 2500 amp. for 5 secs. negative disconnection.