Jump Starter Booster Cables Car Heavy Duty 45mm² X 4M 900A Peak Maypole Mp3527

£39.14 £37.24
Jump Leads Maypole Tools
JUMP STARTER BOOSTER CABLES CAR HEAVY DUTY 45MM² x 4M 900A PEAK MAYPOLE MP3527 45MM² x 4M BOOSTER CABLESMP3527 DescriptionCopper coated aluminium booster cables...

Circuit Tester 12V Bulb Tester Led Test Wire Computer Safe Car Cargo 211122

£10.16 £8.83
Hc-Cargo Tools
COMPUTER SAFE CIRCUIT TESTER 211122 Electrical specifications Voltage/DC 6-12 V Warning lamp Yes Further information Remarks Computer safe wire 1.2 m w/ alligator clips...

Circuit Tester 6-12V Battery Power Test Lamp Car Cargo 211094

£7.08 £6.40
Hc-Cargo Tools
VOLT CHECKER (Light Illuminates To Indicate Voltage Is Present) 211094 Electrical specifications Voltage/DC 6-12 V. Warning lamp Yes .Super-sharp Steel Point.Isolated earth Cable with...

Digital Multimeter Voltmeter Ammeter Ohm Meter Voltage Tester Lcd Cargo 210977

£19.88 £19.08
Hc-Cargo Tools
HIGH QUALITY DIGITAL LCD MULTIMETER 210977 Electrical specifications Voltage/DC 200mV/2/20/200/600V AC/Voltage 200V/600V Dc a 0.2/2/20/200mA/15A Ohm 200 hm/2/20/200/2000 K ohm HFE transistor Yes Diode...

Automotive Voltage Tester Test Light 3V - 48V Test Lamp Cargo 211119

£5.30 £4.82
Hc-Cargo Tools
TEST LIGHT CAR CHECK AUTOMOTIVE VOLTAGE TESTER 211119 Electrical specifications Voltage/DC 3 - 48 V Warning lamp Yes, Further information Remarks Testing Range: 3-48V...

Multimeter Test Leads Multi-Tester High Quality Replacement Cargo 210980

£5.18 £4.51
Best selling products Hc-Cargo Tools
Replacement Multimeter test leads 210980 Fits many multimeters 100% new and high quality. Pair of red and black test leads Pointed test probes with...

Volt Checker 6V - 24V Auto Light & Battery Power Test Lamp Car Bike Cargo 210212

Hc-Cargo Tools
6 - 24 VOLT TESTER CHECKER 210212 Physical specifications Material - Chromed brass Protective Cap with spike (ALLOWS YOU TO PIERCE THE PLASTIC CABLE...
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