High quality ba15d 319 335 346 sbc bulb holder 6v 12v 24v 48v car van ter2020

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Brand: Robinson

MPN: TER2020

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Takes a 6v 12v or 24v Ba15d type bulb

List of bulbs that fit this holder


Asymmetric and Standard Headlamps

4 12v 24w

5 12v 36w

27 12v 48w

123 24v 36w

140 24v 48w

171 12v 36w

Stop Flasher Reverse

319 6v 21w

211A 12v 15w

211D 12v 15w

335 12v 21w

348 24v 12w

338 24v 18w

291 24v 21w

333 24v 24w

346 24v 21w

344 24v 21w

335SFL 48v 25w

335BFL 48v 35w

Side and Tail

206 6v 5w

244D 6v 10w

209 12v 5w

245D 12v 10w

150 24v 5w

247 24v 5w

246D 24v 10w

875 28v 7w

209t 12v 5w

150t 24v 5w

875t 28w 7w

Minature Halogens

209h 12v 5w

335h 12v 21w 


Comes Complete With Wire

If you require any bulbs with the connector please contact us