High quality ba9s 989 / 233 instrument bulb holder side light lamp car 170790

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Double Spade type connections

For bulbs 6v / 12v / 24v

Terminals 6.3mm x 11mm apart

Over All size : height 32mm x width 15.7mm 11.9mm dia of body

Easy replacement for burnt out holders

Made of high quality hard durable plastic

Suitable for Cars, Motorcycles, Scooters etc

If you require any bulbs with the connector please contact us


For Bulbs


Cap ba9s ( mcc )

951 6v 5w

989 12v 5w

227 24v 5w


T4w Cap ba9s ( mcc )

293 6v 4w

233 12v 4w

233a 12v 4w

233c 12v 4w

249 24v 4w

233fl 48v 5w

233afl 48v 5w


Cap ba9s ( mcc )

433a 12v 5w

433b 12v 10w

433 12v 20w

432a 12v 23w

432 12v 23w

867 24v 2.8w

287 6v 2w

288 12v 2w

289 24v 2w

641 6v 3w

643 12v 2.2w

865 24v 2.8w

651 24v 2.8w


Another high quality HC Cargo product

( A bosch group company )