New 12v forklift starter hyster starter 3kw wet clutch type 10 teeth str50582 112175

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Details and description

Voltage 12, kW 3.0, Mount. flange 89.00, Drive dist. 48.00, Dist./back 245.00, Dist./front 95.00, No. of teeth 10, B+ M10, Gear type DD, Dist. mm 127.00, Dist. 2 89.80, Dist. 3 89.80, Rotation CR, No./mount. holes 3 (0), Clutch type Wet, Drive type Steel, Total length mm 341.00, Oil sealed Yes, Waterproof No

Electrical specifications

Voltage 12

kW 3.0

Physical specifications

A Mount. flange 89.00

B Drive dist. 48.00

F Dist./back 245.00

G Dist./front 95.00

H No. of teeth 10

I B+ M10

N Gear type DD

O Dist. mm 127.00

O Dist. 2 89.80

O Dist. 3 89.80

P Rotation CR

R Total length mm 341.00

Further information

No./mount. holes 3 (0)

Clutch type Wet

Drive type Steel

Oil sealed Yes

Waterproof No







Hyster Forklift Starter

Hyster Starter


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