New perkins massey jcb lucas marelli type lrs 232 starter motor 12v 2.8kw 110565

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Brand: hc-cargo

MPN: 110565

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12VOLT 2.8 Kilowatt 10 TEETH For Perkins Engines      110565   

Electrical specifications

Voltage 12 kW 2.8

Physical specifications

A Mount. flange 89.00 B Drive dist. 29.50 H No./teeth 10 I B+ M8 N Gear type DD O Dist. 127.00 O Dist. 2 89.70 O Dist. 3 89.70 P Rotation CR R Total length 313.00

Further information

No./mount. holes 3 (0) Drive type Steel

Further information

Oil sealed No Waterproof No CROSS REFERENCEFIAT/MARELLI MSN199 FIAT/MARELLI MT68S ISKRA 11130509 ISKRA AZJ3144 JCB 71440005 LUCAS 26274 LUCAS 26274B LUCAS 26274E LUCAS 26274H LUCAS 26323 LUCAS 26323A LUCAS 26345 LUCAS 26345A LUCAS 26345B LUCAS 26345D LUCAS 26345E LUCAS 26366 LUCAS 26366A LUCAS 26366B LUCAS 26404 LUCAS 26410 LUCAS 26410A LUCAS 26410B LUCAS 26414E LUCAS 27510B LUCAS 27510F LUCAS 27515 LUCAS 27515A LUCAS 27515B LUCAS 27515E LUCAS 27539 LUCAS 27539B LUCAS 27539D LUCAS 27572 LUCAS 27572A LUCAS 27572B LUCAS 27572D LUCAS 27572E LUCAS 27572F LUCAS 27583A LUCAS 27583B LUCAS 27583D LUCAS 27583H LUCAS 27583J LUCAS 27594A LUCAS 27626A LUCAS LRS00232 LUCAS LRS00300 LUCAS LRS02048 LUCAS LRS2048 LUCAS LRS232 LUCAS LRS300 LUCAS NSB529 LUCAS NSB531 LUCAS NSB540 PERKINS 2873B072 PERKINS 2873D001 PERKINS 2873D002 VALEO D11E137 VALEO D11E154 VEHICLE TYPES


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