New universal replacement doga with built in switch 116.5404.2b.d0 12v windscreen wiper motor 160725

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Brand: hc-cargo

MPN: 160725

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Details and description

Details and description Voltage 12, Type Universal, Servicing HC-CARGO 160256, 160257, 160358, 160359, Built in switch Yes, Auto stop Yes, Auto stop/placement Right side, Wiper angle in ° 90, Wiper shaft w/ 2 shafts for parallelogram, Dist./shafts mm 57, Drawing 160258B, Manufacturer Doga

Electrical specifications

Voltage 12

Physical specifications

Type Universal

Built in switch Yes

Auto stop Yes

Auto stop/placement Right side

Wiper angle in ° 90

Wiper shaft w/ 2 shafts for parallelogram

C Dist./shafts mm 57

Manufacturer Doga

Further information

Servicing HC-CARGO 160256, 160257, 160358, 160359

Drawing 160258B




12v Wiper Motor 12v

Universal Wiper Motor