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12v 1KW Starter Motor Rover Honda Denso Type Car Hc-Cargo 110312

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Details and description

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12v 1KW Starter Motor Rover Honda Denso Type Car Hc-Cargo 110312
Details and description

Rotation CW, Kw 1.0, Voltage 12, Mount. flange 75.00, Mount. holes 11.10, Mount. hole 2 11.00, Drive dist.32.40, Dist./back 129.25, Dist./front 45.00, No./teeth 9, B+ M8, Gear type GR, Dist. mm 112.00, No./mount. holes 2 (0), Drive type Steel, Total length mm 178.00, Oil sealed No, Waterproof No

Electrical specifications
Voltage 12
Kw 1.0
Physical specifications
A Mount. flange mm 75.00
E Mount. holes mm 11.10
E Mount. hole 2 mm 11.00
B Drive dist. mm 32.40
F Dist./back mm 129.25
G Dist./front mm 45.00
H No./teeth 9
I B+ M8
N Gear type GR
O Dist. mm 112.00
P Rotation CW
R Total length mm 178.00

Further information

No./mount. holes - 2 (0)

Drive type - Steel

Oil sealed - No

Waterproof - No



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31200-p01-003 31200-P28-G02 31200-P29-902 31200-P29-903 31200-p2a-004 31200-P2A-014 31200-p2c-901 31200-pe0-461 31200-pe0-661 31200-pe0-662 31200-pe0-663 31200-pe0-664 31200-pe0-665 31200-PEO-661 31200-pg6-004 31200-pg6-034 31200-pg6-663 31200-pg6-673 31200-pm1-005 31200-pm3-003 31200-pm3-0032 31200-pm3-004 31200-pm3-101 31200-po1-005 dr4r6 drdfe DRFL0 drlf0


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