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Car wont Start in the Cold Weather?

Freezing temperatures can really affect your vehicles daily operation.

If your having trouble with starting your vehicle this winter see some possible causes and helpful tips to overcome them.


Roadside assistance calls surge during cold weather due to dead or dying batteries. Add in the extra strain on a standard battery from all those electronic devices and smart phones plugged into the vehicle's cigarette lighter socket.

Weak batteries are usually one of the first things to fail during a cold snap so it's worth having your battery checked and start take care of it.

According to AAA's Automotive Research Center, at 32°C your vehicles battery loses 35 percent of its power. During cold temperatures starting an engine can take up to twice as much current as needed under normal conditions.

If your battery is at risk of failure you may experience some of the following issues:

  • You hear a grinding or clicking sound when you turn the key or press the start button.
  • Your vehicle cranks slowly when attempting to start.
  • Your headlights dim when idling but brighten when the engine is revved.
  • Your battery is older than 3 years old.

All items have limitations and batteries are no different. Car battery performance is impacted by endless variables causing the life of a battery to depend on the climate you live in, length of time electronic accessories are plugged in, and how far and often you drive your vehicle.

Alternator Belt

Alternator belts can become cracked in cold temperatures, making it harder for the belt to bring power engine to the battery which can prevent your car from starting.


It is a fact of life: cold weather is a battery killer.

  • Make sure the battery terminals and cables are securely attached and free of corrosion.
  • A load test performed by a qualified technician will help determine if a car's battery is strong enough for cold weather starts.
  • Ensure you have a battery that provides enough power to start the vehicle as well as run any additional gadgets you may have such as sat nav (gps), handsfree kits, phone chargers, dash cams, upgraded sound systems etc
  • Ensure your alternator belt is free from cracks

How Can Mid-Ulster Rotating Electrics Help?

  • Battery Load testing completed while you wait
  • We can supply the correct battery capable of running everything requires

You can also find so adittional hints and tips from the RAC page here

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