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Smart Chargers

Ever had your battery die when you need it the most? You need one of our smart chargers, which recharges your battery to full health, so you never have to go without charge again! Our smart chargers have an in-built cap to prevent cell damage once the battery is at full capacity. Click the link below to view our full range of smart chargers.


Power Guards

Have you come back to your vehicle only to find that the battery is dead? Do you keep appliances in the vehicle? It’s highly likely that these appliances are draining your battery, so why not get one of our power guards to save yourself some hassle! Our power guards are of high quality and cut off power to appliances when it recognises that the battery is below a certain voltage, to prevent the battery from completely draining. Click the link below to view all our power guards.

Voltage Inverters & Converters

There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to use appliances in your vehicle or on site due to voltage restrictions… W have the solution to your problem with our range of voltage inverters and converters which change the current from AC to DC or DC to AC. Perfect for fitting a mini fridge in your vehicle this summer! Click the link below to view our full range of converters and inverters.

Booster Cables

If you’re in need of a boost this summer, we have just the thing for you! We stock a variety of booster cable sets to get you back up and running. Click the link below to view our full range of booster cable sets.




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