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Hints & Tips for Winter Driving

Freezing temperatures can really affect your daily commutes in many ways. Here is some hints and tips to keep you moving through the cold weather.


There are many ways people use to de-ice their vehicles from hot water to scrapping with tools.

More information can be found on the RAC site here

Wiper Blades

Freezing temperatures cause windshield wipers to freeze to the windshield or become cracked. The first reaction when most people get into their car with their window not clear is to turn on the wipers. Depending on how severe the freeze is it can cause the rubber to be ripped and therefore not do its job correctly.

Even if you take care not to do this the freezing weather can still cause the rubber to harden and crack and will deteriorate a lot faster than normal when used as well as not wiping the windscreen in full.

Tire Pressure

Cold weather can also cause tires to loose pressure, which can cause them to become bald. Always be sure to check the pressure is correct.

How Can Mid-Ulster Rotating Electrics Help?

  • We can supply many products to help you through the winter, such as:
  • Tire pressure gauges, Portable tire compressors, Battery Chargers, Batteries, Torches, Worklights, Breakdown Kits, Booster Packs, Anti-Freeze, Screen wash and many more
  • We can supply great quality wiper blades for all applications
  • Free battery and alternator testing on site
  • Quick turnaround on alternator and starter repairs

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