Portable power booster jump starter power pack (formerly distrubuted by snap on tools)

Portable Power Jump Start Packs


 We are an official distributor for the Portable Power range of Jump starter booster packs who are a UK Company.

 Portable Power are a huge name in the jump starter industry and began developing there own poduct which they luanched In 1999, the jump pack or power pack was rugged, robust, compact & reliable. 

 Initially the Portable Power jump pack was distributed exclusiveley by Snap On Tools with the 1700 model and for 20 years the success of the pack was outstanding and has become a very well known name amongst mechanics & technicians.

 After the 20 year relationship with Snap On Portable Power developed the new 1800Rc which has more power and the special Battery can produce 520 cranking amps & also has  a rapid charge system & with this pack they started to market it themselves & sell it solely under the Portable Power Brand in 2020.


 These starter packs are all hand built with top quality materials and are used by proffessionals, this premium product will start any vehicle and comes with an automatic 5a 3 stage rapid charger & can also be charged from a cigarette lighter socket.

 These packs are available in 12 volt and 24 volt, the 24v version incorporates 2 12v packs & a link lead to achieve a high power output on 24v and are widely used across industries such as Agriculture, Marine, Lorries, Vans, Plant, Cars, Machinery, Commercial Mechanics, Tractor Technicians & all types of Vehicle applications that require a top quality tool that can perform again & again.

 The portable power range can be purchased in a wide range of lead lenghts and all of the products are covered by a comprehensive 2 year warranty including the batteries, so if any thing were to go wrong with your pack within this period simply contact them & they will arrange collection, repair & re-delivery.

 All packs that we sell comes with free next day delivery

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