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Starter & Alternator Troubles

Winter is well & truly here, as we all know the snow frost & cold weather can bring many difficulties for anyone that uses a vehicle.

Driving at this time of year is particularly sore on the alternator of the vehicle as a lot of power is required to service all the various electrical items like heater blowers, heated rear screens head lights fog lights & many more power consuming items. All this electrical demand from the vehicle can have its affects on the alternator as it has to work extremely hard to cope with all the extra power being used & as a result this can cause premature failure. It is also very tough on starter motors when trying to kick off from a cold start. If the starter motor or solenoid gets damaged or abused during the cold weather, it can be very difficult to get anything going. Make sure to keep both your starter and alternator in good shape to avoid any mishaps when you least need them! Feel free to leave you starter motors or alternators in with us if you feel they need some TLC!

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