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Tech Support - Fitting Steering Wheel Covers...

We have recently seen higher return numbers for our steering wheel covers with the reason they do not fit. The majority of the times this is down to lack of knowledge on the correct fitting procedure as the covers will be quite a tight fit to prevent it from slipping when in use.

To aid our customers with fitting these we have drafted a short step by step guide with some hints and tips to correctly fit your steering wheel cover.

1. Use the vinyl cleaner to wipe down the steering wheel thoroughly. Failure to clean it could result in bacteria and mold growth below the cover with time.

2. Strip your steering wheel of wraps or tie-downs. Next, sit in your car’s seat and line up the cover with your steering wheel. To do it easily, start at the top by wrapping the cover around the wheel. Push the cut around the cover’s inside curve over the wheel.

3. With one hand, hold the cover and then work it around the wheel’s top area as you switch sides after every few inches. You should continue pushing your cover over the wheel until you complete the top half.

4. Keenly wrap the cover around the wheel’s bottom half. To prevent the finished portion from slipping off, hold it with one hand. At this point, the cover is getting more and more difficult to wrap around the steering wheel’s last part.

5. Once you’ve covered the major part of the steering wheel, you should forcefully stretch the cover’s last portion over the wheel. While at it, be highly cautious to avoid accidentally pulling off the other part of the cover.

6. Use one of your hands to secure the cover’s top half as you pull down the cover with your other hand. Pull it down as much as possible until you manage to split it over your steering wheel.

7. Use both of your hands to work the cover on the wheel in such a way that it appears symmetrical and even. At the end, you should have a cover that’s evenly fitted. It should resemble the picture below.


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All the best from the team at M.U.R.E

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