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Red Heat Shrink Tubing 1 Meter 2:1 Ratio 2.4Mm/1.2Mm Ctie Hst2.4/1.2R

Red Heat Shrink Tubing 1 Meter 2:1 Ratio 2.4Mm/1.2Mm Ctie Hst2.4/1.2R

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Heat Shrink Tubing 2.4/1.2mm 1 METER LONG 2 to 1 Shrink Ratio


Physical specifications

  • Colour Red
  • Size 1 (mm) before Heat 2.4
  • Size 2 (mm) After Heat 1.2
  • working Length (Meter) 1

Further information

  • Great Quality Heat Shrink Tubing perfect for protecting cable and terminals


  • Material Flame retardant crosslinked Polyolefin
  • Standard UL Approved
  • Working Temp. -55°C to +125°C
  • Shrink Temperature 90°C
  • Voltage 600V
  • ROHS Compliant
  • Zero Halogen

General Purpose Polyolefin heat Shrink with a 2:1 Shrinkage Rate this tube shrinks to half its diameter
Sizes above are rated as the inside diameter,
All heat shrink supplied are plain with no marks
High Strength and resilient
High quality, cost effective, commercial grade for electrical, electronic,
automotive and general industrial markets.
Heat Shrink Tubing will always shrink down to half the size of the specified sizes above
All Heat Shrink comes individually cut and Bagged with product description


  • The un-shrunk tubing is fitted on the wire before making the connection, then slid down to cover the joint after it is made. If the fit is tight, silicone lubricant can be applied without compromising the heat shrink material. The tubing is then shrunk to wrap tightly around the joint by heating with a lighter or with a hot air gun or other source of hot gas flow.

  • If overheated, heat shrink tubing can melt, scorch or catch fire like any other plastic. Heating causes the tubing to contract half of its original diameter, providing a snug fit over irregularly shaped joints.


  • * All products come with 12 months warranty unless otherwise stated.
  • * Please contact us with any issues so we can provide a solution for you.
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