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Starter Motor Replacing Bosch, Fits Ford Transit 2006 on Also Fits Some Landrover Fiat Peugeot Etc 113959

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Fits Ford Transit 2006 on,


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Starter Motor Replacing Bosch, Fits Ford Transit 2006 on Also Fits Some Landrover Fiat Peugeot Etc 113959

Fits Ford Transit 2006 on, Citroen, Peugeot, Land Rover, Fiat Etc. 113959

Details and description

Voltage 12, kW 2.0, Mount. flange 89.00, Drive dist. 36.00, Dist./back 185.50, Dist./front 63.00, No. of teeth12,13, B+ M8, Gear type GR, Dist. mm 89.00, Rotation CR, No./mount. holes 2 (0), Drive type Steel, Total length mm 261.50

Electrical specifications

Voltage 12

kW 2.0

Physical specifications

A Mount. flange 89.00

B Drive dist. 36.00

F Dist./back 185.50

G Dist./front 63.00

H No. of teeth 12,13

I B+ M8

N Gear type GR

O Dist. mm 89.00

P Rotation CR

R Total length mm 261.50

Further information

No./mount. holes 2 (0)

Drive type Steel


0001105205 BOSCH

0001109205 BOSCH

0001109304 BOSCH

0001109305 BOSCH

0001109324 BOSCH

0001109325 BOSCH

0001109328 BOSCH

0001109329 BOSCH

0001109387 BOSCH

0001109388 BOSCH

0001109391 BOSCH

0001109392 BOSCH

0001115092 BOSCH

0001115093 BOSCH

1372739 FORD

1385378 FORD

1574338 FORD

1669558 FORD

1709189 FORD

1740947 FORD

6C1T11000AA FORD

6c1t11000ab FORD

6c1t11000ac FORD

6c1t11000ad FORD

6C1T11000AE FORD

6C1T11000AF FORD

7C1911000AB FORD

7H1211002AB FORD

7H1211002AC FORD

95681447 FIAT

9658144780 FIAT

9675092580 PEUGEOT




Ford transit starter motor

Fiat starter motor

Landrover starter Motor

Peugeot starter Motor

Citroen starter Motor

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